What Our Clients Are Saying

Genvieve's work made our daughter's wedding the beautiful and special day that we had dreamed of.

Genvieve's work made our daughter's wedding the beautiful and special day that we had dreamed of. We hired her about six weeks before the wedding and she provided great recommendations and coordinated all of the vendors with professionalism and joy. She worked hard the day of the wedding so we had time with our daughter and could enjoy the entire event. I only wish that we would have worked with her from the beginning as she saved time and money and made sure that everything came off perfectly. I highly recommend Genevieve and wish you well with your wedding.
- Nancy Steele, Mother of the Bride

She is the best and totally saved us a ton of time...

Genevieve was a lifesaver! Not only was she able to communicate with our vendors, she found a mistake on one of our contracts and saved us about $1000! She went above and beyond, even when we had to redo our rental order and find a new caterer with only 2 weeks until our wedding! She is the best and totally saved us a ton of time, money and most importantly stress!
- Sierra and Mark Winslow, Bride and Groom

...professional, friendly, creative, and a joy to work with

Genevieve was professional, friendly, creative, and a joy to work with. I am the mother of the bride, who lives 250 miles from the wedding site. My daughter was in her first year of medical school when she got engaged. It was her idea to get a wedding planner....and I am SO grateful that she did. Genevieve kept the bride on track by setting up appointments, recommending vendors in the area, working with the staff at the event venue, and getting the "day of" decorating done. Genevieve with us the entire day of the wedding. She kept everything on schedule, took care of any last minute emergencies, and made sure nothing was missed during the reception. That gave the parents of the bride and groom time to mingle with the guests and relatives and make introductions. Because of Genevieve, the wedding was flawless....and I am still having friends say it was "a beautiful wedding".
- Loy Martens, Mother of the Bride

Genevieve helped walk me through the process step by step

I didn't know the first thing about planning a wedding, and Genevieve helped walk me through the process step by step. She suggested vendors and came with me to meetings. Genevieve asked the questions that I didn't even know to ask, and she was able to take really broad ideas from me and turn them into something tangible. On my wedding day, I didn't have to worry about making sure things got done because Genevieve was there to make sure everything ran smoothly. And compared to other wedding planners in the Bozeman area, you can't beat the price for Genevieve's services.
- Chelsea Martens, Bride

We feel very fortunate that we were able to work with Genevieve

Genevieve is amazing and truly cares about her clients. She is very knowledgeable and is willing to help in any aspect that you need her to. She'll offer advice, go to meetings with you, get her hands dirty, but she is also never overbearing or pushy (unless the situation calls for it). She knows what you are going through and she will take as much of the burden off of you as she possibly can. We feel very fortunate that we were able to work with Genevieve during our wedding planning, and through to the very end of our special day. My only advice is to remember that she is only one person and she cannot read your mind - communication leading up to the wedding day is crucial. And remember to go over the little details with a fine tooth comb (if they are that important to you). I would recommend Genevieve to any bride because she is a true pleasure to work with and she will take care of you!- Janesse and Craig Harne, Bride and Groom

...she was the best value of anyone we hired for the whole wedding

We hired Genevieve to do the set up & break down of our wedding site. Our location did not have staff to do this & required everything be cleaned up early the following morning. It was a huge relief to have her & her staff to manage this for us so we could focus on our big day! She met with us frequently during our planning to get a good idea of our theme & expectations and she went above & beyond our expectations! In addition to setting up everything perfectly & how we would have done it ourselves, she gave some excellent recommendations for our ceremony & other vendors. Most importantly she was the best value of anyone we hired for the whole wedding. Thank you again Genevieve!!- Julie Benjamin, Bride

Genevieve handled all of the logistics without us even noticing

It is difficult for me to imagine our wedding without having Geneveive there, because I'm pretty sure my groom and I would have been complete messes! She and Madison made it so easy for us to actually ENJOY the experience without dealing with all the 'behind-the-scenes' worry that is crucial to have dialed in as it is so vital to the happiness of guests, wedding party, pretty much everyone involved. My husband and I were actually able to spend quality time with our family and friends while Genevieve handled all of the logistics without us even noticing. An important thing to note is the manner is which she handled things - she was incredibly professional, efficient, and creative with great attention to detail. If she was stressed out, there was absolutely no way she would show it to anyone at the wedding and that was extremely important to me as a bride. My husband and I are are mostly mellow and laid back people and we wanted our wedding to portray our true selves - Genevieve did a fabulous job of helping us with that and embracing that approach to the day. I have no doubt that she could tackle any theme of wedding and coordinate it beautifully!- Lisa and Troy Batzler, Bride and Groom

Thanks to Genevieve my day was perfect.

Genevieve was a HUGE help for our wedding! If we had any questions at all she was there with an answer and always offering to help in any way she could. She helped the ceremony run very smoothly and while we were getting ready she brought us food and anything else we needed or forgot. Thanks to Genevieve my day was perfect.
- Julie and Shea Herbert, Bride and Groom

The day of the wedding was wonderful...

We meet with Genevieve a month before the wedding to go over details for our wedding. Genevieve was very helpful, knowledgeable and provided lots of new ideas. If we ever had questions before the big day Genevieve was very helpful and available to us. Our rehearsal went smoothly and was very relaxed. Genevieve was very organized and easily explained what everyone needed to do the following day. The day of the wedding was wonderful. When we arrived at the church there was no stress or rushing around because Genevieve had everything under control. She made sure that we were taken care of andall we had to do was focus on saying "I do." Our wedding went off without a hitch, thanks Genevieve!- Andy and Heather Oestreich, Bride and Groom

Genevieve was with me every step of the way...

As a bride on a budget I was looking to cut costs any way I could while still having a beautiful wedding. Before I knew it the wedding was only a month away and I had so many people asking me questions, giving me their "opinions", and so many loose ends with so much to do. Let me tell you, that is not something that you should take on by yourself ladies! Genevieve is worth every penny! She was so great, willing to jump in and help with the wedding when it was only weeks away (its never too late, girls!). Even though we were miles apart Genevieve was great about keeping in touch over the phone and through emails, and was willing to set up meetings as needed. The wedding day soonarrived with an overwhelming rush of things to do. Genevieve was with me every step of the way taking care of meetings with the pastor, keeping family and the wedding party in-line and located , and helped with last minute "uh-oh's" (like your musician canceling, losing the aisle runner, or simply not having people designated to cut the cake--oops!).She kept things flowing so I didn't have to worry about a thing. I cannot begin to tell you how priceless that is! Our day was great and my family was so glad to have her there! I highly recommend Genevieve's services to any bride-to-be! Good luck with your special day!
-  Dan and Charity Funderhide, Bride and Groom

Genevieve literally made every aspect of our party come to life

Having Genevieve coordinate our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. We had a non-traditional weekend-long party ranging from formal to camping – and Genevieve literally made every aspect of our party come to life. She and her staff went above and beyond the call of duty! She did everything from make hand made signs to direct people to the site (which were awesome!), to setting the beautiful tables, to breaking down tents. She thought of every detail, was easy going and a joy to work with.When I starting planning the wedding I didn’t think I needed wedding coordinator, I was wrong—you DO need one- you need Genevieve!
- Emily and Daniel Blount, Bride and Groom

You made our special day better than we had envisioned...

We are finally writing to give you some of the praise you deserve. It is already 6 months since our beautiful day and as we prepare to depart Bozeman next month for our honeymoon we have been reflecting on your involvement in our wedding with many fond memories. You made our special day better than we had envisioned. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations and taking care of us so well that we could actually enjoy our day, stress free. We never worried for a moment about anything.You made our dream wedding a reality. All your help on our wedding day was such a pleasure so was your tireless attention prior. We just smile when we remember how well you helped redirect some of our many relatives in attendance so that everyone had a great time, especially us. Please don’t hesitate to have anyone who is thinking of marriage contact us, so we may tell about the tremendous value of your wedding service.
- Kelly & Nathan Hecht, Bride and Groom